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Our Mission

To support our PLACE community & empower local giving.

About PLACE Gives

PLACE Gives is aimed to serve our PLACE community by mobilizing funds to those within our organization experiencing hardships, as well as providing resources and support for giving within our many hometowns.

Here at PLACE we believe in the value of homeownership in creating and maintaining generational stability and wealth. As we grow, our goal is to partner with organizations that support individuals experiencing homelessness to deliver the dream of homeownership everywhere, to everyone.


PLACE Gives is our very own 501(c)(3) public charity designed to further our ability to give to others, live experientially and do good!
Giving encompasses giving our time, energy, or money. PLACE Gives serves two purposes:
  1. Support the PLACE Community: Provide assistance to our PLACE community when one experiences a time of need. This includes PLACE, Brivity, BRANDco and Forward Coaching staff, real estate agents, partners, real estate team staff, and PLACE virtual assistants.
  2. Support Local Giving: Provide models, systems, and tools that empower our teams and departments to support local giving.